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My boyfriend is 21, I am 22, and due to financial reasons, we both still live at home with our parents.

He's very close with his family... which is great, but I feel sometimes as if he'd rather stay and eat dinner with mommy than go out to do something with me.

Last night for example, we were hanging out alone at my (parent's) house, in my room having a great time, and without asking me, he hops up and calls his older sister and brother in law to see if we could come over to their house.
I was perfectly fine spending time with him... but apparently that wasn't good enough for him.

He has these big heart-to-heart talks with his mom, and for some reason that makes me feel uncomfortable... what's going to happen once we get married...? Is he still going to call mom and discuss events in his life with her instead of me?

Is this jealousy that I'm feeling?

Oh! And we were discussing purchasing land and having a house built for the two of us, which is great, but now he wants to buy the lot next door to his parent's house and build there!

It's not worth mentioning anything to him about it... because it's good that he's close to his family.... but I guess I just wish that he'd find a little independence.

I dont' have much room to talk... I still live at home too.... but I need a man in my life... not a boy.

Anyone been in this situation before? Advice? :-/

thank you!

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