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so ive caught my boyfriend of 4 years in two pretty serious lies. i dont want to drag this post out, but he hasnt cheated or anything like that, in fact, his lies were over stupid stuff...ive confronted him on several different occasions on one of them. he denies it...but i know for a fact im right. anyhow, ever since then i dont believe one word that comes out of his mouth...i either think he's lieing or overexagerating the story. i hate feeling that way about him b/c i love him of course, we're suppose to marry, but i just feel like my trust in him is ruined. he ruined it, our relationship was perfect before, couldntve been more happy... i can read him so well, so i know when something is off, or he's keeping something from question is, is there still hope for us??? can the trust ever be rebuilt in our relationship...i keep telling myself, once i get him to confess and come clean ill feel better, but now i dont know. any input??? i need some advice...thanks in advance..


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