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I dont really know where to start but I work with this girl which I just find so hard to get over her. We talk everyday and she calls me all the time. She always tells me about things that are going on with her and she messes with me sometimes and flirts but sometimes I think she is just kind of playing games. I dont get that vibe that she likes me though and I dont know why. I always see it as her just seeing me as a good friend but I think because I like her so much that I get blinded by her calling me all the time and think that she is interested. Its hard because I want to get over her because I dont think she wants to be with me like that.

She has been through alot and I know alot about her and her past. I think she is kind of insecure and maybe she just needs a friend because she just got into some drama with her ex and maybe just feels lonely and just wants to talk to because she doesnt have a boyfriend but she does have other friends. Thats what I honestly believe but the fact she calls me every day and night and it doesnt really seem like she talks to her other friends like that and that maybe she may have some feelings for me. I dont know I guess thats just what I wanted to believe but I truly care so much about her and it hurts to talk to her and wonder if she just sees me as a friend or if she even has any feelings at all towards me. I just needed to post I guess because I dont have alot of people I can talk about this too. I try and go out and meet other girls but we have so much in common and I jus cant see dating anyone else now, I just cant get any interest in anyone else. I know this is bad but I just cannot absolutely figure out a way to get over this one-itis because its almost like she sends me signals that she kind of likes me but then kind of gives me the friend vibe.

I am tryin to not give her as much attention and kind of test her to see what she does. She called me about 3 times last night but I only picked up once to seem like I was busy and she even left a message once just to say see wut was goin on. Then tonight I told her I was going to the movies hinting that I was going on a date but she didnt really show she was jealous or anything and I would think that usually girls would ask who your going with or something about it but she only asked what I was going to see. I guess maybe she doesnt like me like that but just kind of sends me signals so that I continue to talk to her because I told her a while back how I felt about her. I would just like some advice on what I should do. Should I just move on and find someone else or confront her about this whole thing? thanks so much for reading this and I greatly appreciate any advice given.

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