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My daughter is 16. 2 years ago she met this nice boy at work. They started to see each other, he would drive over to our house to see her, and they were so cute. Well, she got a little spooked, she had never had a boyfriend before. And one night he made some moves on her and she got scared. So she backed off. He pursued her for quite a while, then he moved on, they remained friendly with each other. i thought the little romance was over. However, now I dont know.....

This past summer, out of the blue, she and him started talking again, ALOT, and I mean ALOT, they talk for hours, (or shoudld I say they do that tex message thing) and I mean hours, like 2 up to 4 hours at a time, a couple of times a week. This has been going on for 51/2 months! This past summer when her horse was injured, he came after work and sat in the barn with her for hours while she tended her mare. He would bring soda, and snacks and sit with her. I had no problem untill I found out he has a girlfriend. That really annoyed me.

i told my daughter that was not a nice thing to do. She insists that there is nothing going on between them. They are just friends. He is 18, she is 16. I was like come on!! I guess her name is under a different name in his cell phone so his girlfriend does not find out that he is talking to my daughter. His girlfriend told him she does not want him to see or talk to my daughter at all I guess. BUT, they still talk all the time!! She has gone up to his house a few times to hang out, he has come here. He gets real jelous when she hangs with other boys but does not go off on her. He just hates it. He is super nice to her, always a sweetie. I believe he does realy care for her alot, he really is a nice boy. BUT he has a girlfriend.

I had her cell phone one day and he texed her, it started out with "Hey beautiful......" I was like yikes!!

What is happening here? She does not go out with other boys, she used to flirt, and hang out with other boys, but after she started talking with him again, the other boys have fallen off. They are not dating. I know where she is, either at work, or home, school or she is out with her girlfriends. So, what is going on?

My husband says it sounds like he is getting sex from his girlfriend and is keeping our daughter kind of on the line and away from other boys. Why?

They do not go to the same school, they do have a few friends in common, mainly cuz she met them through him. So what is he doing? Why does he talk with her ALL the time? I guess they are going to some race thing next weekend. But other than that, they have not actually dated.

Help me, I don't want her to be "the other girl", Is he still interested in her? If so, why the other girl? I try talking to my daughter about it and she just gets all huffy and says we are just friends!! Yea, one night she was going to watch moveis at his house, and she had a smile on her face that could have lit up the midnight sky. I KNOW they dont see each other alot at all. Like I said, different schools, jobs etc. The few times we have run in to him when I am with her, he cant take his eyes off of her, and they are really cute. But what is the deal here? Do I need to be concerned she is being played? What if anyting should I do?

This boy has alot of experience with girls, when he was 16, he was dating a 19 year old girl. He is very experiened 'sexually', my daughter is not at all. She was a tomboy till she met him. Then wam, new clothes, highlighted her hair, make up the whole thing. They really are perfect for each other, and it has been sweet in someways to watch her fall in love, and I believe she is kind of is in love with him, only she does not know it, and I think he has very strong feelings for her, so what is up? He is protective of her, and was kind of razzing my husband one night about not how we should not let her go to this formal fall dance at her school. (we were dining at the restaurant where he works)

She does not sit home and wait for him, she goes to her girlfriends houses for sleepovers, movies, shopping, concerts etc., but as soon as she gets home, boom, he either calls her or she calls him.

Then one time she got invited to one of his friends birthday parties, we were out of town (rodeo) for that day, and she was going to go over when she got home, well, he told her he was not going to the party, so she did not go. Then she found out he was there, I am assuming with his girlfriend. I was so mad!! I was like, what the hell? One of his friends started calling her and asking her out, and he got super pissed at his friend about it. She never went out with the other boy, but what the heck???

I try to talk to her about him and she will get mad, then other times she will chatter away. I don't know how to guide her through this, I have told her he is off limits, girlfriend etc. She gets mad and says they are just friends, So what do I do? Is he playing her? She told me that he told her he has very strong feelings for her, but does not want to hurt his girlfriend, and he doesnt want to hurt her (meaning my daughter)
either. Then they decided not to talk as much, but that didnt last. They talk all the time. It NEVER slowed down. (I pay her cellphone bill, she averages 600 yo 900 texes a MONTH with him!) I dont want her to get hurt, used or played, and most certainly do not want her to get the reputation of some girl who is the 'other' girl. what do I do?

So, what is going on? my older kids are 2 boys, (21 and 23), so this is my first foray into the girl thing. Is this norma? Wht is happening?

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