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[QUOTE=desertdweller]Sorry, I can't agree.Her daughter is handling this just fine? The guy gets jealous if she sees or talks to other boys. The guys girlfriend made it clear that she doesn't want them friends, yet he still sees her. Her daughter has crossed the unspoken code of ethics between women. The guy is a player. I'm not encouraging her to take complete control of her daughter's life, just to not sit back passively and wring her hands about this situation. Buy not saying anything to her, she is suggesting it is okay.[/QUOTE]

Oh, I do not want control of her life, and thank yor understanding me, I see her in a situation that is lose/lose. She does not have alot of experience with guys, and I do not want her hurt. He, while very nice is way to experience, I need to guide her, but it is ulitmatley her choice, and I told her that. We have not talked on it since. BUT that is my job as a mother, I think she understood what I was saying. I really do. It is the first time that I feel she understands what I was trying to say, based on her actions the last few days.

But mostly, it is time for her to decide who she wants to be. Live her life with honor? Have self respect for herself? It is all tough, but she is growing up and needs to learn what HER boundaries are going to be. and the code amongst women? Hey girls, that stands, you do NOT mess with a guy who is taken!! You would hate it if it was being done to you and if you are doing it, well that is just low, and it show lack of respect for yourself.

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