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i recently posted about how my boyfriend of 5 years has not been the greatest guy. and i decided to stay anyways. i dont understand why i just cant walk away. i was more or less snooping around on the computer last night i know i shouldnt have been but with our history i cant trust anything he does or says, and i found two conversations he had with other girls one being his ex that he was totally in love with a long time ago he was talking to her about their past sexual relationship and she asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. then the other was a conversation with his bestfriends sister telling her that she was sexy and calling her little names like sweets. when i confronted him about it he said that he was joking with his friends sister and he never had a conversation with his ex and he has no idea how it got on his computer. now im not stupid iknow he talked to both of them and ment what he said to both of them. my problem is why am i concidering staying with him. why cant i just get rid of him and move on. how do i move on. we have been together for over 5 years before he and i dated i never had aproblem leaving the relationship especially if it was hurting me. but now im stuck and i dont know what i should do i know i love him and i know im in love with him but why cant i just leave? and advice would really help.

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