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Re: Friendships
Nov 24, 2005
[QUOTE=CrimsonClover]Same here. I can honestly say I only have 2 "real" friends - and I've known them for 20 years. And even they are too busy with their families or careers to get together much. I'm trying to make some new friends, but it's next to impossible. Everybody seems to already have their own "gang" or, like I already said, it's all about family/career. And I'm single and childless. Oy. I feel like I can't relate to anybody around me anymore. :([/QUOTE]

Same here. The older I get, the less in common I have with women my age. Most of my female friends nowadays are 5 to 10 years younger because my life is similar to theirs in terms of being single and no kids. The friends I had who were my age (early 30s), all moved and got married, some even twice!

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