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I truly think it all depends on the woman...I am absolutely incapable of being sexually attracted to a man under six feet tall, but I could care less about hair loss. But whenever the topic of how much height matters when women are considering whether or not to date a certain guy comes up here, I am always one of only a few women who say that being short is an absolute dealbreaker, and I suspect the same is true of men who are losing their hair. There are probably lots of women out there who feel the opposite or aren't opposed to dating men who are short or men who are experiencing hair loss. I definitely think you're right that attitude and confidence counts for a lot--it can make an average looking guy seem a lot more appealing than a really attractive guy who seems insecure and unsure of himself. Ultimately, there aren't going to be too many women out there who rule you or any other guy out because of one physical trait, though there will always be people who aren't attracted to even the most universally desirable members of the opposite sex for a variety of reasons. I think everyone has their physical preferences, which can sometimes be very trivial, but as long as you have confidence in yourself and a friendly, positive attitude, I'm sure that most women will be happy to give you a chance. You can't win over everyone (or date everyone even if all women found you irresistible), and we all have a right not to date people who don't appeal to us for whatever reason, especially if we have no trouble attaining plenty of dates who fit the physical criteria we prefer. Anyway, it doesn't sound like you have trouble finding women who you like enough to date and who are interested in you in return...most women are going to evaluate you based more on your personality and general appearance than on your hair or your height, especially if you don't let either of these things erode your confidence and keep you from being outgoing and approachable. I really wouldn't worry--keep up your positive outlook, and good luck in the dating world! Also please let us know how things are going with your dating life and if we can provide any advice that might help :).

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