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To be honest, I think you are right. A part of me deep down would like a serious relationship with someone. Another part of me is afraid of getting hurt but that is all because of the whole "guys and their ego" thing, being an Eminem fan doesn't help either(hehe). I don't know though how I can say if i want a serious relationship with a person until I am in it I imagine...i would have thought it just starts off and then you work from there and see where it goes ya know? I mean i definitely think I have the potential to fulfill it if it looked to be heading in that direction and I have no intention of hurting anybody on purpose...I learned my lessons at 16/17/18 when i was less mature and more a fan of playing the field as opposed to being serious with any particular girl.

I personally would be strongly against the whole seeing other people thing and I am pretty damn sure she is too just from what her best friend has told me. I know what it feels like to have a clingy girlfriend as the last time I was in a relationship, i was 16/17 and it lasted around 4 months and she was very clingy(scarily so) was basically an entire summer thing...


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