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a guy is "asking" for a kiss??? :D on the dance floor you don't ask for anything. he should have been able to pick up on the fact that you aren't like that. some girls will do it, some won't. you can tell on the dance floor when a dance will end in a would be written all over her face.

btw, there's nothing wrong with you at all. i'm a shy guy which is worse. :rolleyes: there's a differene between shy and not talkative i think. to me, shy is not initiating contact at all. not being talkative is just sitting there and having the guy pull the entire conversation. i don't mind shy girls since i'm a shy guy..BUT..if i approached you and started talking, i'd appreciate some assistance in sustaining a good conversation. :rolleyes: i hate when girls just there with a smile and answer everything in either yes, no or a shrug..i'm pretty sure most guys hate that too and if that's what you did, then that's why he left..or he was just embarrassed by you not wanting to kiss him (which could also be interpreted as lack of interest). on the other hand, if you're shy but open up gradually then that's better.

as far as knowing if a guy is interested at a never know..until you know. its hard to judge. i'm a guy that went to the club and in the earlier days (before i learned to dance really well), i thought i could actually meet someone there so i would try to talk to a few girls but its so loud in there most of the time that its not worth it. if a guy asks for your number and he calls you the same night, then you know what he wanted. if he called the next day or day after that, then he might be interested in more...and please, PPLLLEEAASSEE don't start practicing giving out your number and blowing them off when they call. :nono: guys hate that!!

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