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[QUOTE=Emilysmommie05]He converted because half of his family are Jehovahs witnesses and he used to study when he was little. He decided to go back because he said it makes him feel good. But we talked and he knows i will accept it. We had a talk to other day and i am staying with my parents right now and they are moving about an hour away from here and they said i can come with them, as i only work 5 hours a week and relied on my boyfriend for everything, and now i have nothing. But where they are moving there is nothing out there no work for me and i will not have a babysitter, so i asked if i could stay with him until i received my apartment through government help because it is a long process. he told me no flat out no, my parents and i do not get along well and my life has been hell!! and he dosen't care because he said it is against his religion for us to live together, even if it is only temporary. That shows me that he dosen't care about me or my feelings, i think he is being quite selfish, but i can't tell him that because he can't take crticism at all, he thinks what he is doing is fine!! What should i do help!!!!! :confused: :confused:[/QUOTE]

I think the first hting you have to do is to put this guy on the back burner and concentrate on getting on your own two feet. Becoming self reliant now is the most important thing you can do now for yourself and your child. You say your parents are moving an hour away from any kind of work. Do you have a car? Is it possible to commute? Even if you have to find daycare in the area where you work? Can your parents help look after your child while you're working? It will be hard, very hard, but it's important to get a full time job that pays enough for you to live on. Go back to school, go to a temp agency if you have to. Most temp agencies provide free computer training on the latest systems used by most companies. The main thing is to come up with a feasible plan and put it into action. Once your're standing on your own two feet, then you can worry about what to do about this guy. Who knows, by then you might not even want him anymore!

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