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I have a very bad situation that just gets worse everyday. It's all my oun stupidity so I'll spare the humilating details. I think I'm pregnant. This will be my second child. My son is 19 mths. When I began to be supicious I let my boyfriend know. BIG MISTAKE!! Being the new relationship it was he panicked. After panic came blame followed by irrational accusations. After about four days of verbal emotional and ego assults I lied. I told him I started my period in a desperate attempt to keep him in my life. Well needless to say it backfired in more way than one. Not only did he leave me and made sure to be clear that we would never be together again, he wounded my pride and hit me where it hurts. He pointed out my chaotic life that I have been struggling to keep together and the knowledge that my son would never accept him in his life and my over protective family who would never let him get too close and that he just can't stand are what drove him away. That he couldn't "save" me, though I never once asked him to, and he wouldn't be able to sit by and watch me come undone, which I wasn't... until now.
Now I'm here, alone, wishing I could take back those words I said "I started" and wish that he were any other man, one who wouldn't abandon ship before the iceburg was even in the same hemisphere!! I just need advice. How do you go to someone you lied to with the truth. I'm new to the lying thing. And never in my life have I lied about something this big. It's going to shatter him but I know that not knowing would probably do alot worse. If the pregnancy test on Dec 8th is positive.. what do I do? Is there an easy way to do thins? Is there a good time? Tell me that there's a greeting card or something I can give him to dull the blow. Or at least jazz it up a bit. Any help would be great because I'm flying blind here.
Thanks :wave:

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