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I have posted a few things on here about my situation with my boyfriend. I need a males perspective please. I have thought about everything alot but for some reason i just cant give up and walk away. Everyday it gets worse. I told him that the fact that he cheated on me will never go away and i will always think about it and if he wants me to forgive him then he will have to help. He keeps telling me that he loves me and he wants to work things out but i dont know why. I know that i do love him but i dont know if i am with him because i am in love with him or if im just comfortable. i dont know what to do. I really feel selfish and worthless. We got in a fight today and we were talking about how he never tries to fix any of our problems and then all of a sudden he was telling me how i have a anger problem and an attitude all the time and how i treat everyone badly. I dont know where that came from. I have admitted that i do get an attitude alot because he makes me so angry and when we fight i do yell. But his comment made me feel totally worthless he treats me horribly sometimes and now hes blaming it on me. I know im not perfect and i do play a part in alot of our problems. but everytime he does something he denys it and somehow i get blamed for it. He told me that the reason why he cheated on me for over a year was because i wansnt talking to him and he thought that sex with someone else would help. I just feel horrible. I love him and i think i want to be with him. I never see myself with out him. but i dont know if that is because i feel worthless all the time or if i really want to be with him. I dont know why he treats me like this. and when i ask him he tells me he doesnt know and he doesnt do it to hurt me. I just dont know what to do anymore. And apparently i just can let go. any advice would be helpful. Maybe a male perspective on why they think he is doing this? Or if i am doing something wrong.

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