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[QUOTE=Lals49]Thanks. I actually haven't been contacting him, other than the one or two times directly after this happened. I apologized later for doing that and told him to do his thing and I'd do mine, and to keep me posted, and he thanked me for that, and said it 'made a difference'.
The very last time I talked to him was when I called and said I wanted a clean break. So im trying to keep my pride- I dont want to be strung along! I actually tried to cut it off and HE'S the one that said no...I just dont know why, if hes keeping me at bay or something or if hes really unsure of all this. Ugh. And I dont know if i really want to cut him out. Its really hard, but i know I'll just push him away or look pathetic if I contact him, and besides, it only made him shut down more on me before.
I guess Im just afraid that I'll never get over him, since thats how it feels. I have a letter I wrote full of everything I want to say to him- its understanding, yet firm. And you're right, greeneyes, I would only take him back once for sure. But Im debating on whether to use the letter for my own piece of mind, or to give it to him/read it to him when he contacts me.
He was just everything I had ever wanted.[/QUOTE]

Write the letter for yourself because it will help the healing process and provide closure. But, don't give it to him! Try not to let on how much the break-up is depressing you. If you happen to run into him, be nice and breezy, like it's a beautiful spring day!

I remember one time an old boyfriend of mine and I broke up temporarily, and although I was upset, everytime I saw him at work (I met him at work), I would smile and say "hi" like nothing had happened.

We eventually got back together and eventually he wanted to commit, but I did not.

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