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my last post was in nov... every time i post i feel like a cry baby.....and every time i post im told to leave my boyfriend or at least stick up for myself....he has been a real jerk the last year.....everything i saw wrong with out relationship wasnt a problem unless one of his friends had the same problem,,,complained that because i asked him not to be so nasty and perverted, i was making him change and he doesnt like it......told me he would put his friends over me.....tells me we cant be friends because i wont let him be himself..(because around me i dont like him being a perv.) honestly if your boyfriend/girlfriend lived with someone they have slept with a number of times would you be comfortable???especailly since he cant say no to his friends and cant tell the truth untill he is busted? i dont......anyway.....our daughter has been sick for the last couple of finally got bad enough that i asked him to take me to the hospital, so she could be checked out.....we live 3 towns away from our hospital. and my daughter and i live in denver,,,,denver is cold and to a 2 month old its freezing...took him a 3 days before he finally took us , come to find out my baby has rsv phnemonia just got out of the hospital yesterday, and we had been there for 3 days because my daughter couldnt breathe on her own.......and he tried to blame me.......he decided to blame me for every problem him and i have ever had.........i ripped into him about everything. i couldnt believe he was going to go off on me in a hospital.....with our baby struggling for breath......i took it while we were there so we didnt make a scene,,, but yesterday,,,he got what was coming to him.... told him he needed to grow up....that choosing friends over his family was wrong...that smoking pot and getting drunk with his friends all the time wasnt making him a good father....because instead of coming to see her sick he'd rather get high...i finally just game him some altematoms(not sure on spelling) told him i was tired of waiting for him to come around...tired of our daughter and myself being seconed to his friends.......i dont even know how to explain it i just felt so exhilerated.....and he has totally changed his whole attitude....just so every one knows,,,,anyone who has ever commented on my threads......this is his last chance and i am not going to make this easy on him anymore....i am a person and i want to be treated like one, our daughter may not be a big person but she is one......and she will be treated as so from now on..............his last chance starts today..........thanks for the support you have all given me in the past................mandy.......

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