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Hey there!

Welcome to the boards!!! There could be a number of reasons why she is acting the way she is. Here's a few that comes to mind. Bear with me, Im blunt. :D

You may not want to hear this, but it sounds like she just used you. She didn't know anyone, until she met you. From what I understand, she made friends because you brought her to the farm. So, from no-friends she became almost-ms-popular. Now that she has that, she made a unilateral decision to ditch you. Its possible that she never liked you to begin with, she just wanted company. I have known girls in the past who would FLIRT non stop with guys there are not interested in. They would just do it for the attention. Just because they don't like you doesnt mean they dont love all that attention you are giving them. I have known a girl who practically hugged and kissed the guy. She even texted him all day. When the guy finally admitted that he was crazy about her, and wanted to be with her. She got all strange. She pushed him away, and she started to ignore him.

I don't know why this girl acted the way she did. Maybe she met another guy. Maybe she realized she doesnt want a relationship. Maybe she has some serious insecurities, and she is doing this to push you away. She has issues and she doesnt want to be close to any guy - not seriously at least. Heck, she maybe bi-sexual!!! You just never know...

This girl seems to mean a lot to you. Personally, I would confront her and talk to her. I'd ask her what is going on. I'm really demanding, and I can be quite pushy at times... I dont give up until I get an answer.

If she ignores you and treats you bad - walk away. Its a waste of time dealing with girls like that. I have been friends with girls who would just use guys, and when the guys started to confront them... these girls would get all nasty. If she does that, please dont bother with her anymore. She is a complete waste of your time.

Gluck and keep us posted!

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