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[QUOTE=muzicman66]Stacy, Your posts can be entertaining at times. But post #192 is way over the edge. When one starts talking about raising genetically superior children, one has lost concept of reality. :nono:
Most men are not Bush voting, neanderthal thumping losers. Most woman are not submissive humans who play stupid to get a guy.
Every conversation doesn"t have to be a debate. That gets old fast.
Seems like their are some women on this board who are so hot, date the hottest guys and everyone is just so intelligent? Over the last couple of months, This board has evolved from a support board to a group of women who think so much of themselves, They sometimes lose the fact that their no better than the others around them. Get off the horse.
The male bashing has gotten out of control. Now, Some people are into downing women who are married and happy.
Seems like some of you females need to start your own genetically superior race. The stupid people of the world, along with the mentally challenged, will have to survive without you guys.
That kind of thinking has started many wars over time. Would like some female responses? Surely , There has to be some logical females out there.
Happy Holidays to everyone. That also includes the stupid or less intelligent people. :wave:[/QUOTE]

Oh Muzicman, I would love to do so, but quite honestly, I wouldn't even know where to begin. The simplified generalizations that have been thrown back and forth are ridiculous, at best. Try as I might, I simply cannot understand the idea of someone thinking that they're superior to another person, regardless of intelligence, wealth, beauty, etc. etc.....

Perhaps I have a difficult time understanding it because I surround myself with people who are as different as night and day and they each bring something unique and satisfying to my life. I have friends who have advanced degrees and I have some who struggled to finish high school. I have others who society would deem as unattractive and others who turn heads when they walk into a room. I have some who always insist on paying, simply because they can afford it and it makes absolutely no difference to them, while others struggle to make their bills each month.

As for myself? According to these generalizations being made, I should just simply "settle" for whatever I can get. I mean after all, I'm not drop dead gorgeous by society's standards, I'm working full time while I'm completing my degree, and my money goes to all my bills and my tuition. I should just give up, right...I don't "deserve" a "worthwhile" man.

WRONG! I've dated men who have advanced degrees, ones who struggled to finish high school, ones who society would find unattractive and ones who took my breath get the idea. I'm not going to lower my standards simply because I'm not perfect myself. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who is perfect! It's unsettling that people will group others into certain "categories" and put limitations on them that in reality, don't exist.

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