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:bouncing: Hi Sophia,

Youre over analyzing again and allowing your past experiences take over your own good judgments.

Im glad I popped in :) and saw your thread. (Its been a long time to try and catch up.) Im also Excited to read that you meant someone you LIKE. :cool:

There is nothing wrong that you are attracted to this guys music and unsure what your feelings are for him as a man music or him.
Seems to me from your posts you like and enjoy Both.

Sophia, [B]You are also excited! as you should be:
that you meant an interesting guy who seems to have the qualities that you are looking for in a man. Why not enjoy it?
Enjoy the moment, is there some place other place you feel you should be?

Im just happy that you are Happy in finding someone you LIKE.
That is always the hard part. LIKING someone. :D
Loving someone is another story. :o

The FLIP FLOP thing LOL, here we go again. Let it slide for now. Highlights and $50 moisturizer are small things. Believe it or not and this is coming from ME. :p
Those are things we woman can always change over time if and when this turns into a relationship. ;) My husband never used moisturizer nor did he color his hair. I got him into using moisturizer regardless of the price tag because he needed it. Hair coloring on man its much more acceptable now. And since my husband met me hes turned lots of white. :jester:
So now and then we color his hair to his liking a natural looking shade of course that not it noticable. :D
I hope you dont change your opinion of me but I have purchased flip flops for my husband. LOL HAD TO! Hubby repaved our Pool area and added stones so we have to always wear some form of foot wear slides or flip flops. I bought tons of different styles to keep by our pool for our guests too. My husband would never wear them out in public but he has worn them by our pool. Don't Tell Anyone :D .

So relax, enjoy the moment. As for the personal ad - only you can make that choice. If the guy decided he wanted to take his down because he met you, that's nice and his choice. Go with your gut feeling. Part of these dating sites are just for that Dating. Until you have that RING on your finger
you should date till both parties feel that they want to be in a commited relationship with no more dating others. It's too soon to tell where this relationship is going. But, take the time to breath in the fresh air, the excitment of meeting someone you are interested in.

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