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[QUOTE=muzicman66]You can"t move on until you leave the ex behind. I used to avoid woman who were still hung up or waiting for an ex. How fair is that to any new guy? The questions I would ask myself are, Why would a woman be still holding out hope for a guy who treated them badly? What"s that say about their self-esteem? How would she know she was being treated well, when she set the bar so low.[/QUOTE]

This has nothing to do with it. The new guy was a fake whose main interest, I think, was to drag me into bed. As soon as he realized I'm not that kind of girl, he lost interest. I never even mentioned my ex once to him, for the record.

Well, I don't think I was such a great girlfriend, either, to be fair. I look sweet and feminine, but the thing is, I am a very opinionated and sometimes stubborn woman. I wouldn't even know it but when I see how my girlfriends interact with their guys, I see how I was making a mistake. My girlfriends deferr to their guys and try to please them. For example, my friend called me tonight and was speaking on the phone with me, but as soon as her boyfriend wanted something, she said she "had to go." Every time he calls her while she's on the phone with me, she tells me she has to go. She NEVER makes HIM wait. See, I was the complete opposite. I was doing whatever I wanted to do. If I was speaking to a friend and my boyfriend called on the second line, I would most likely tell him I'm speaking to someone and I will call him back. When he would get angry or cranky, I would not just shut up and wait till he is in a better mood--I had to TALK to him and make him MAKE UP with me right that minute. On top of that, I was talking about wanting to get married, when it was clearly too early to even mention it. I was not a good girlfriend and I regret it. I just don't have a CLUE how to act with men because I grew up without a father. My grandmother was a strong woman who was sort of in charge of her husband, so I guess that's what I"m used to. The problem is, I hate wimpy guys who let me dictate everything. See, I'm all messed up. I'm not an easy person to get along with, I guess.

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