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[QUOTE=OutToLunch]So I guess I was hoping to get more feedback, particularly from the women here. Why do you think nice guys finish last and do you think it's true that women take them for granted?[/QUOTE]
fact of the matter is, women and people in general will always tell you whatever. only thing you can do is not change who you are or whatever for anyone unless YOU want it to change. not too long ago i fancied this girl and we were nothing alike and i tried to pretend i had so much in common with her so i could hang out with her or whatever and guess who didn't get her??? :rolleyes: that's right..and i'm sitting up on these message boards with nothing else to do :rolleyes: .

also, all this acting mysterious or quiet or uninterested will do nothing for you. women will just ignore you and interact with the guy that IS talking to them. no one has ever said, "oouuww, degen95 is so quiet, he always has this gaze in his eyes and acts totally uninterested in what's happening around him, i need to know why, i want to get to know him" :rolleyes: . they have, however ignored the hell out of me if i do the same to them...they will not talk to you, they will not be interested in you. PERIOD. if there is someone you like and the situation presents itself, they all you can do is go over and start talking and forget about all the "you need to be .." that people keep filling other people's heads with. i'm not going to tell them where to stick all their, "you need to be.." comments either :rolleyes: if the world's not comfortable with you as you are, tell them to screw it. :mad:

also, women tend to only categorize men into the two groups, nice guys and bad boys. we are simple, but not that simple. there are more frequencies in the spectrum than just those extremes. you can be a "normal" guy and still get girls...don't have to be "bad" :rolleyes: . and you wouldn't want those stupid girls that want bad boys anyway. it wouldn't work.
As a lot of others have already stated, it's not so much that "women don't want a nice guy because he's boring", it's more "women don't want a boring guy."

The "nice guy" and the "bad boy" are such generalized, overused stereotypes that it's almost ridiculous. It's these types of stereotypes that make boring guys think "well, it's not because i'm clingy and insecure and dull that she doesn't like me, it's because women don't like nice guys." It's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you consider yourself a nice guy and take pity on yourself, then of course girls aren't going to take an interest in you.

The main problems seem to be 1.) guys go for overly physically attractive, outgoing women when they have nothing in common with them, 2.) guys who are dull and insecure with themselves expect to have their lives made better by finding a mate, instead of finding some interests in their lives that will improve [I]themselves [/I] .

Personally, I'm not a super great looking guy; I'd say I'm a 6 out of 10. I'm usually kind of an introvert, ie. I enjoy reading, renting movies, eating with a few close friends, etc. But I also have a lot of interests that keep me active and make me more appealing to women, such as swimming, bodyboarding and surfing, jogging, going out to comedy clubs and concerts, volunteering with children, and etc. I'm a super nice guy, but that doesn't mean that I'm an "easy catch" or that I'm boring. I go for women that have similar interests, are similarly physically attractive, and that like to go out but also have quiet nites at home.

Just be comfortable with yourself, find things that you enjoy doing, and go for women that have similar interests. If you feel sorry for yourself and complain that women only like the bad boys, then you're never going to meet anyone worthwhile. Guys are the same as women, in that every guy wants something different. Some guys like outgoing, more unattainable women who have some sass and act like they're the sh**, while other guys just want a nice, fun girl who is confident with herself and can enjoy doing anything.

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