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I also remember a few, well, more than a few, years ago, Bill O'Reilly, who I usually couldn't disagree with more, was doing an interview and was talking about a new trend among young men of getting a woman to say "I love you" and then dumping them, and he was saying how it was the newest form of misogyny, how he was concerned for his daughters, etc. I'm not sure if we can ever pinpoint why things seem to be heading in this direction, or what we can do to counteract it, but at least we can protect ourselves from it as best we can. I still highly recommend He's Just Not That Into You, I wish with all my heart I had read this book 10 years ago. I was inexperienced and very naive, and had I had the information in this book back then, I would have made different choices that would have altered the whole course of my personal life for the better, probably 10-fold. Other "relationship" books are popular now, and several sound deserving of looking into as well. I haven't read "Why Men Love Bi**hes" yet, but have been reading up on it and it sounds worth checking out. It's not even really about being a bi**h the way think. It also gives a lot of tips on how to relate to a man, speak his language, not nag, use the word "best" to describe him whenever possible, etc. That's what I really stink at. I'm terrible at playing games. My most significant relationships were with my two big brothers, so I do the bratty little sister thing really well, I had to develop a sharp tongue and give teasing as good as I got, plus learn how to wrestle to survive in my house as a kid. I deal with people straightforwardly and never really learned to play the games, like on an episode of Seventh Heaven the mother was painting the fence and wanted her husband to help, but instead of coming out and asking him to help her, she kept saying "why don't you try this, it's so relaxing!" I'd just come out and say "hey, could you please give me a hand with this fence?" Oy, it can be so complicated. I'm learning that men really need to be "handled" in a very particular way, spoken to in a very particular way as well, and maybe this is what more women are missing these days as well as men having their issues as well. I just always thought when you meet someone you like and who likes you, you can just be who you are with them and even though you may make each other mad from time to time, as long as you respect and care for each other, you'll be fine, but that's not how it works.

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