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I really need somebodys advice, this is long but explains everything.
I have been with my boyfriend for 3 wonderful years, madly in love, he shows affection all the time, makes me feel good about myself, tells me he loves me all the time, I really feel he is the one for me, we have such good fun together (when we aren't arguing) he told me i'm the girl for him whilst he was away for 3 weeks & we missed each other like crazy.But lately things have been so cold and we have argued nearly everyweek...but over stupid petty childish things.

Well last night we had one that i feel has really shaken our relationship for the worst and makes me wonder if things will ever be the same again. Every week on a monday he comes over to see me after work at 8 but doesn't usually show up til half 8 so this week i thought i'd watch tv for a bit til he showed up, but n my living room, we have surround sound and if the doors shut you can't hear the front door, but me not expecting him til half 8 which is the time he usually shows up, i didnt go upstairs til 8:15.

Anyway time went on and it was now 9:20, but i resisted ringing him cos i felt id come across as impatient cos i had an idea he might be working late or get held up, so i waited & waited til 10 to call him, i called his mobile but it was switched off, so i called his house number and there he was.

what you doing? why arent you coming over? i asked, but he went ''i did!!! at 10 past 8 but nobody answered!'' i felt awful and said ''oh great, i didnt hear it! i was watching the tv, you dont usually come round til half 8 though'' then he denied that fact and said he comes round at 8 normaly (what the hell?) which got me frustrated cos i know for a fact he doesnt, ''why didnt you call me when u got home to see where i was?'' i asked him, then he said he felt it wasnt for him to do so and he didnt want to and that i should of called him and asked why didnt i call him at 9, i told him why that i thought he would be held up a bit later then he accused me of being stupid not realising that he neevr does get held up and why shud he if he comes over at 8 everyweek, he just couldnt understand why id think like that, i kept on apologising for not hearin the door but he accused me of ignoring him and he was in a very p***ed off mood and was makin out it was all my fault and couldnt understand why im making out its not.

this got me frustrated and he said he needs to calm down and that i need to ad i should ring him back later, but i didnt want to cs i wudnt calm down, he just stayed in his p****d off mood all throughout the phonecall, making me upset, being so stubbourn and cold with me,i couldnt believe he'd think i would ignore him, he said he wasn't arsed about ringing me when he got back coz he felt he had done his part by showin up at mine with no-one answering and that ishould understand why hes annoyed and that i can't expect everything to be rosy and for us to forget the whole thing by talkin about nice things, which i wanted to cos i said the argument was pathetic, yet he said it wasnt at all and thati always say our arguments are pathetic (BUT THEY ARE!)

i asked why he didnt just knock on the window and he said ''im not going to do that!'' although i would of, and called him as well and he said if i hadnt of called at all he would of just gone to bed. It al just hurt my feelings so i started to cry with frustration, he asked whyi was crying and i said ''this is the way you make me feel!'' everytime we argue, he gets stubbourn, likes to stew in his annoyance, yet i want to forget everything and make everything better, he feels this is something i need to realised that he cant just switch off and forget, then he said, if this is the way i make you feel why do you put up with me? i said bcoz i love him, then he asked why i do and i said cz every other time is magical.

he ended the phonecall by sayin he had to get up in the morning for work, he seemd so cold with me.Over this!!
and he said ''im sorry we argued tonight i love you'' then i went ''do you?'' then he said ''dont question me on that'' i asked if we are ok and he said ''i suppose'' and with me askin why just that he sarcasticly went ''we are GREAT!'' and we ended it there, he asked me to email him today and he will reply back.

i really cant understand whats going on, he really hurt me, 3 years of our relationship i cant just arue over nothing like this, i cant just let go, he means so much to me i really cant believe he sounds like he doesnt care, after everything he told me only 3 months ago. Im so scared i dont know what to do, and what should i email him with after all this? just mention nothing about it and be nice?

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