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Taking A Break...
Dec 14, 2005
Hi, I was just wantin to talk about my relationship with my G/F. Right now she's telling me she wants to take a break. I love this girl and wheter we take a break or not, I still need some advice/help. If anyone wants to talk with me I give you thanks in advance. Now, I don't wanna write a damn novel, so i'll try and do what I can to keep it short.

First thing: She's telling me that she indeed loves me, but she is not happy with the condition of our relationship. The reason being i'm not really the type that likes to do stuff with other people, I don't care too much for her friends. We are always together and are kind of deadbeats. I would just give her some space, but i'm not very independent and I am dependent on her. I have seperation issues because my mother died when I was 5, and my G/F has become the woman in my life, i'm overprotective and too scared to lose another important woman in my life again. This clinginess has also caused problems before, she cheated on me because she was unhappy due to my insecurities and so on and soforth. A trust issue definitely plays role in giving her space. Basically she is telling she wants time apart so we can better ourselves so we can be together for a more healthy relationship, because she doesn't want to cheat or call it quits because she becomes too unhappy.

What does everyone think? Can anyone give me advice on the trust issue? I love this girl to death and I want to trust her but it all boils back down to me being scared of losing her.

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