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so I posted before about my new g/f and I have known her for 2 years but we just started dating for about 2 weeks now. It seems alright and going good until we were talking the other night about different things and somehow got into a convo about sex and then later tatoos. When we started talking about sex she said something to the extent that shes "retired" from it and I just kind of had a puzzled look on my face I knew she wasnt serious about not doing it forever but maybe for a while or something but I wasnt really sure. Then when we started talking about tattoos and she said she has 3 but only 1 had meaning. I asked which one and she said " oh well you'll never see it because its on my hip" or something like that and I was like...okkkk. I dont mean to come of as just looking for sex out of the relationship but dont you eventually in a relationship intend to have sex with your SO? I dont really care right now because I want to be with her and her company is all I need and am not worried about the sex but I found it strange she would say all this stuff about not doing it and Ill never see that, that made me think that she doesnt find me sexually attractive but then why would she get with me. I just figured that eventually after a while of being together we would want to show our love towards each other more physically and am worried (maybe I am a little paranoid or just insecure) that she just finds me as being good to be around but just doesnt see me sexually and would prob leave me when she finds someone who can satisfy her physically and emotionally. I really care about her and want to be with her for a long time but I just feel she doesnt find me physically attractive. Do you think she is saying this just to see what I would say or do you think that maybe she really doesnt find me physically attractive and is serious? It just made me think about this and am kind of worried. Please help

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