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ok i have a few questions and i just want some opinions if you can please, i am just going to give you some scenarios and tell me what you think:

-us women sometimes get angry at things that wouldnt necessarially even bother a man right? well some of the things my bf does (for example-im at work all day i come home and he has left all his towel etc all over the floor, which is also soaking wet) and i get really angry (cos he does it every day!!) and he is just like ''stop moaning, leave me alone''etc.

now that makes me really mad, am i overeacting?
also another thing that annoys me is that when he does something wrong,acknowleges it but doesnt actually say sorry, i practically have to make him, that gets me going 2,

dont get me worng i dont always want to be giving out and getting angry but so many things he does really bug me and i just wish that when i ask him not to do/or to do something that he would do it and that when he does something wrong to appologise, is that too much to ask? it is beginning to affect our relationship because with me giving out and him getting angry listening to me..... sometimes i just feel un-appriciated and i know, yes,i could just do it myself and leave him be but i feel if i do that he will get even more lazy and begin to expect me to do everything...has anyone got any suggestions??

Please reply and tell me if i am being crazy bacusase thats how i am beginning to feel!!


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