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Hopefully this won't be too long. Due to my husbands alcoholism him and I have been seperated for four years. He has made no effort to get help and through lots of hurt and counseling I no longer am in love with him. I love him as a human being and wouldn't want to hurt him however..............I think I met someone else. I knew this person in school and he's so far really nice. I am taking it slow and we are getting to know each other and it's only been a few days but I'm wondering how to do a relationship. (besides moral ethics) I know it's time to move on because nothing is going to change with my stbx. When ever I talk to "cliff" on the phone I feel stupid. I'm 34 and I feel like I'm six and can not carry on a conversation. I haven't had a male friend in seven years. I'm not used to being talked to as someone interesting on that level. He seems to be all together and I'm a blubbering fool. He knows my situtation and I know his. So that's all out in the open. Part of me is wanting to not pursue him because I'm afraid of another jerk. But then again I desearve to have someone care about me right? So I need some tips. What do you say in the beginning? What do you not say. I'm not one to cut down my stbx but he does his. Do I have the right to ask him not to call her a name? Should I lead by example? Are there questions I should ask before going on another date? Come on girls...I need a few girlfriends to help me out. Advice please. :bouncing:

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