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Thank you for your sweet and amazing words, VM. Your post actually made me full-out cry (dont worry, it happens when the wind blows lately).
Wow, that thread says it all, as do all of my other old ones, even ones back in Sept under Lals49. I was doing so well... It wasn't until the pictures of him with this girl and him confirming that theres something there that I feel like I am starting all over again...but Id love to get to that point again to where i can talk like I did in that post #67. Even if I actually didnt FULLY believe it.
My ex-boyfriend was pretty deserving of me until he completely ruined things in the last month and a half. Yes we had our differences througout the relationship and maybe I would have gotten tired of sacrificing so much for him, but he really was wonderful to me. It makes the betrayal a lot harder to swallow.
I appreciate your compliments, your confidence in me and your inspiration...if you can get through it than Im hoping I can too, and I know a lot of people have been in my shoes and even treated worse in a break-up (although cant imagine how much worse it could get). I hope this psychologist can help me get there faster, and that I can really just step back from the hurt someday and not care anymore. I love these boards, as much as I think it might not help sometime to sit here and go on and on while at work or between classes, it really does help to have constant support while you work through each phase. Thanks again for your post, it means a lot.

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