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citygirl, i know exactly how you feel. my ex-boyfriend said the same exact thing to me: i'll never find anyone like you. now that's it's been over a year since we broke up, i can laugh about that statement, because that shouldn't have been a concern for him- clearly, he didn't WANT to find anyone like me!

our situations are similar, so let me give you the only advice i have, since i have the benefit of a year's hindsight. just let him go. i know what you mean about things being really good between you guys, but as time goes on you will gain more perspective. you are way too close to the situation right now. it took me a while, but what i finally realized is that even if i thought we were the best of friends, i couldn't be with someone who didn't want to be with me. and the thing that i am most proud of myself for now, after all is said and done, is that when he walked away the last time, i never contacted him again. i would not beg for him. he recently began another relationship, and although i was slightly upset at first, i quickly realized that she will never replace me. it may sound vain, but i was a really really good girlfriend and friend to him. as i'm sure that you were to your boyfriend. and at least i walk away with the knowledge that i gave 100% and it's his problem if he didn't want it anymore.

i absolutely promise that you will be okay. there probably is some element of stress and depression involved with his decision, but you can't try to convince him to stay with you, or save him. you are very young, and have so much great stuff ahead of you. keep as busy as possible, even when you just want to stay home and cry. that will only prolong your pain. change everything that you've ever wanted to change about your life, so that if he does come back to you, you have something to show for the time you were apart. come here and vent whenever you need to.

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