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[QUOTE=citygirl23]The stuff Im having a hard time with now is a) seeing him with, thinking of him with, or knowing about another girl. Especially since he told me he just wants to be alone, with no one for a while. I'm still used to being 'his' and he 'mine' and I know I have to work through that. I was his first love and first real girlfriend, and I guess my brain isnt quite ready to accept that Im not that anymore, and that a new girl could be his future wife at any given time.
2) The way we met was sort of lust at first sight. I saw him walking around college almost a YEAR before we actually started dating, and I saw him and thought Oh my god, WHO is that? He was just the most gorgeous guy Id seen. Then a year later, I saw him around, started talking to him, found out I had some mutual friends, heard some amazing things about how nice and respectable he was and fell for him- I had had my sure of jerks in the past. And there we were- dating. I just feel like I wont find something as seemingly 'meant to be' as we were then, or at least I feel like I wont find someone that I was as attracted to and in love with as much as I was him. Ive never had so much intensity in my relationship (I know I keep saying that, it is just really true).
c) Im working through the sex thing as I posted in the previous post. I dont know if its more of MY issue (feeling unspecial to someone, and I felt special to him because he didnt do that, despite the frustration), but I just feel like I wont find something as respectful as that was and as meaningful.[/QUOTE]

i know exactly what you mean about the other girl scenario. Mine said the same things about wanting to be alone and not with anyone for a while, but I have this feeling that won't go away that he is with womeone new already..we were both each other first serious relationship and it just hurts to think I won't ever be his most serious relationship (wife) and that someone else will be probably within a few years...I'm so used to him being mine too and I want to be the only one who ever gets to be with him intimately and love him the way I soooooo much did.

Its funny the lust at first sight thing b/c with mine when I first met him i did not even give him a second glance I mean I was not REALLY attracted to him but he was good looking, but with time and love he become all I want and it made him the most attractive guy I knew. He became the most handsome perfect man.

And I think i already covered the sex thing in an earlier post. I feel strange that he's going to have sex with another girl someday and that I am going to have sex with another guy........I dont want to be with anyone else and of course I don't want him to be with anyone else either. That was one thing that I always had that no one else could take away, the fact that we loved each other enough to be intimate, but now he is just going to replace me with someone else...

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