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Has she always been this weight or did she gain a lot since you started the relationship? 5'2 and 180 lbs is not very healthy. I can see why you want her to loose weight. Her health, of course, should be your first concern but I don't think you're a horrible person for wanting her to do it for her looks as well....
My boyfriend has (or had) an awsome body when we started dating. He worked out all the time and followed the Body for Life diet religously. Now he likes to eat frozen pizzas on a daily basis and hasn't been to a gym in over 5 months.... I'm not sure what brought on the change, I guess its a comfort thing. Although he still has a nice body, its fading fast and his belly is growing by the day :(
I still love him and I'm still attracted to him though.
He says he has to put on his "winter weight" to stay warm... :confused:
But honestly, if he got to a point where he was really over weight, I would not only be concerned for his health but I would loose desire for him physically too. The same goes if the situation were reversed...

Anyway, I guess I really don't have any advise to offer you. I just wanted to say that I don't think you are totally insensitive because you want your girlfriend to look better. However, expecting her to look like a model is a bit rediculous. Just encourage her to be healthy...
Cook healthy (yet tastey) foods for her so she can actually start craving healthier options when she's hungry. Also, suggest fun ways of exercising. (weight lifting may be fun for you, but not for everyone) ;)
Try making it seem more romantic. Like suggest Christmas shopping somewhere where there is a lot of walking (Like Down Town in a big city if you live near one). Take her ice skating. Go hiking in a state park.
Don't suggest these things with exercise as your focus, but rather a new way of spending quality time together...
Girls NEVER need their boyfriend or husband to tell them to loose weight! We already know when we need to loose weight.
She may be absolutly comfortable with her body. If this is the case, forget about her loosing weight or let her go find someone who will love every inch of her inside and out.
Good Luck!

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