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[QUOTE=SophiaM]She hates me for absolutely NO reason whatsoever--only because she is extremely jealous that my friend will run off with me. She has made severeal extremely hurtful and rude comments about me to him and other people (I have no idea why he even informed me about it :rolleyes: ), including that I'm a "blonde bimbo" and that I sleep around with men (which I don't!!!! and this woman doesn't even know me--that one made my blood boil!).[/QUOTE]
uh oohhh...what time is it?? what time is it?.....its STACY TIME!!! :D :D break out the lacrosse stick!! :D
[QUOTE=SophiaM]To be honest, I am mad at him now too, because he's such a wimp and stopped being in touch with me just because she is so insecure about it. So I lost a good friend because of this woman. I think you are also correct in speculating that if we had our own boyfriends or husbands, none of this would be happening because these women would not feel so threatened.[/QUOTE]
why?? what if she made him choose between you and her?? can you blame her for feeling threatened by a more attractive single person being friends with her bf?? i can't blame her at all. also, from his perspective, if he knew it was causing problems with his relationship, i can't really blame him either. some people are the jealous type.. :rolleyes:
I remember back to the time I was dating the guy who was 10 years younger than me. I never felt insecure when I was with him, even when we were out and surrounded by much younger girls. Nina's right; it's all in how the guy makes you feel.

There is a second part to this story though. There was a shift in our relationship, right before the breakup. Something had changed. I could feel it. It was then that I became very insecure. I guess it's that "gut" feeling, I knew something was going on, I became very insecure and jealous. My gut was right.

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