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Women can be really jealous. I know because I am a very jealous girl. This lady is either insecure or just doesn't trust her man. She thinks he is talking to another girl (you) because he wants to leave her...crazy huh? Now I am not saying that every man out there is unfaithful, but I run an adult enertainment company and 90% of all of our clients are married men traveling from another state on a business trip and their unsuspecting wives have no idea at all. In fact the men say they are happily married and just looking to have a little fun. All the stories of infidelity and her low self esteem compounded on that make this a sticky situation. All you need to do is approach her or send her an e-mail assuring her that you were just being friendly...then tell her (no offense to her) that her man is not even your type and that to you he is too old for you and unattractive to you..ofcourse say this in a nice way.

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