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Ok...My story may be a little long, so I'm apologizing in advance. Sorry :confused:

I had always been the type of girl who was always sigle by choice. I was never interested in relationships, but also didn't go around from guy to guy. So, about a year ago, I met someone I really liked and I gave it a chance and we started "the relationship from hell".... We were together for a year and a half...In that year, I was mistreated (never physically), and just went through hell... We had decided to move in together at one point, and that lasted only about a month because he would go out at nights and not call or return until the next morning. So I would have no idea where he would be at and would have to stay at my mothers cause I was nervous staying at the new apartment on my own. I kicked him out after the 3rd time of him doing that and eventually moved back to my mothers house... So...I come to find out (surprise, surprise) those days that he had never come home, he had been with other girls. He promised that he never did anything and he knew that he completely broke my heart in doing that, but me, being stupid, took him back... After, he decides that he wants to take a break, and i learn that he was still talking to the other girls and thats why he needed a break, to see what he wanted... I took him back after that (again). So now we come to these past two weeks. After we got back together that last time, I would always questions myself as to wether I really wanted to be with him. I knew that he cared about me, but that he wasn't ready for a relationship. I would always pay for EVERYTHING on our dates...I'd cook for him, clean...And I never received ANYTHING in return...But it's my fault too for always taking him back. He figured he could do anything to me cause I'd always forgive him...

So now, I broke up with HIM about a week ago.. I just couldn't take it anymore..He was very upset, even started crying, but I have to get out. Now, the thing is, there was this guy friend I had.. I hadn't spoken to him in a while, and he happened to call me the day after I broke up with my boyfriend. We got to talking a lot..and went out on a date on Friday.. I had such a great time.. He 's the perfect guy..We went out again on Sunday, and again, had a great time. The thing is I just got off the phone with him and told him that I don't know if I could continue seeing him.. The reason being, that right now, I'm so confused. I hadn't even been broken up for a week and here I was going on dates with someone else. That's very unlike me. I told him that I didn't want to be with him right now, based on the emotions I'm feeling at the moment. I don't know if right now, I'm feeling this way because what I'm looking for is the comfort my ex never gave me. In the long run, I don't want to hurt the new guy if, suddenly, my feelings change. I told him I needed some "me" time and he completely understood. Now, am I completely making a huge mistake in letting him go? Or am I right in doing so for now? i have a part of me saying to spend some time to myself to see what it is that I want, and another part telling me to go and pursue something with him...Please help...Thanks for listening!

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