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Ok, here is the question. I have been with my boyfriend for about 7 months. He proposed well ... I think even before we were offically dating. At that time I though how could I go wrong .. get married to someone that has been a friend for years (9 years) and it will be bliss.

Lately I have been feeling very unhappy .. I get frustrated at his lack of drive in business (he has no goals in this regard), and his general imaturity. He acts like he is still a kid.

Christmas was kind of a quiet blow out. He was over at my house and WATCHED as I ran around cleaning, getting presents for his family (he had none and I wasnt going to show up to that house with nothing) making food to bring to both his and my family's houses, cleaning as we were going to be having company .. all of this while he watched TV. Now, I did ask him to help me clean up so I could sit, relax and enjoy a movie with him before we had to get to sleep. He piled up some stuff next to the christmas tree and went back to resting on the couch. Keep in mind that I have strep and am on antibotics .. not feeling so good but still keeping up my cheer.

Anyway .. Christmas eve night went ok, we went to my sisters house and had a nice visit. Came home Christmas eve night and he wanted to .. be intimate. I asked if we could just cuddle given that I am sick and was worn out from the day. He pouted, and told me ok I guess.

I have a 2 year old daughter, when my boyfriend comes to stay the night he sleeps on the couch. The christmas tree is in the living room. She wakes up and comes out for 'Santa Time' I tired to wake him up 3 times. He rolled over and said he was tired still. My daughter tried to give him a hug and tell him thank you for the gift and he didnt even budge. I sat there taking pictures of my daughter opening all of her gifts alone .. while he was snoring on the couch. After the presents I went to the kitchen to make Christmas breakfast .. still he snored. I brought him breakfast he woke up for that, at it set it on the coffee table and proceeded to go back to sleep. He did not wake up until I told him that we had to leave in 20 minutes if we were going to see his mother for Christmas.

I spent time with his mom and hung out at her house for about 2 hours before my daughter and I left. He left to go hang out with his friends. I went back to my sisters and opened more presents there.

Here is the question, I was VERY mad about the sleeping through christmas thing and not helping when I asked him to. He says that he wants to be a father to my child but he isnt acting like it. I want to know if this is something that I should break up over or if I should just take it down to a casual dating thing (in which case he wont be spending time with my daughter). I am not happy with the way he behaved. I dont want to rush to break up with him ... but I feel like ... I dont need another kid .. I need someone who wants to do this stuff with me ..

I dont know, I am soo sorry for the novel .. but I am very torn. We do have a good time together but he doesnt seem to understand that my child comes first and always will. He says he wants to parent, he wants to make a life .. but he is acting very selfishly ..

Tell me what you guys think, break up .. or take it to a more casual level.

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