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I have been married for 15 months and I found out in the end of October that my husband has been having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. He said they it only got physical one time over the summer, but I don't believe it. The phone calls started in May.

I feel like I am done with him. I have bent over backwards to make his life comfortable and have not gotten the same in return. He is 33 years old and went back to school so I am paying for that and also supporting the house bills. But somewhere along the line, he thinks we became emotionally disconnected. I think I just got fed up with is laziness and irresponsibility. When he went back to school, he also stopped working. He thinks that not working took a part of him. The problem is, he could've gotten a part-time job so he had his own money in his pocket, but was too lazy.

My issue is that I want to completely break it off and I don't know how. He has been out of the house since Dec 1st and since the day he moved out, I have felt like leaving him was ythe best decision for me. I truly love him and wouldn't have married him 15 months ago if I didn't, but I truly believe in my heart that I will never get over the affair. I knew this woman well and I can't get the picture of her face out opf my head. But how do I tell him? He is so hopeful that I will find a way to let him back in my life and I don't think I feel the same. Today I told him my heart wasn't in it. Tomorrow I want to tell him that it is over, but I just don't know how. He is living with his sister and has a little part-time job, but does not make enough money to put a roof over his head and he can't stay there much longer b/c she lives in a 2-bedroom apartment with her 2 kids. Any advice?

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