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Long distance..
Dec 27, 2005
Lately, I have been feeling quite upset realizing that my boyfriends depature is approaching. I have been ignoring the fact that he will be going away soon for 3 months to Europe. Dreading the thought of him going I have been consumed with emotion and distress. Littering his email with constant reminders of my love for him and questioning his love for me. Although he reassures me that he loves me and this will not change, I am scared that our love will disipate while he is away. I know this may be the true test of our relationship and I don't know if I am prepared. I am scared that he will get drunk and find himself in the cluches of another woman and that will be the end of our relationship. Not that he will love her or that there will be any bond made but now that I have just talked about it I am fearing that he we develop a relationship with someone there. This is making me feel distant from him this constant concern over our relationship and I am afraid now that I will ruin it. I must mention that we have just previously got back together (over a month now) from a brief breakup and his reason for that was things were getting to serious too soon. And I have never felt this way for another person before and I so want to hold on to it. Am I holding to tightly? What should I do about my concerns about his leaving? But please don't tell me that I just need to "lighten up" please explain how I can go about doing that.

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