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Can't stop crying
Dec 27, 2005
My boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago. WE've been dating for two years and a're both in our early twenties. After he broke up with me we decided on only seeing each other once or twice a week, but after two weeks of this, our relationship went right back to the way it used to be(seeing eachother pretty much everyday). I thought it was going pretty well, until today he freaked out on me. We were playing pool and having a drink at a bar, and his friend said he planned to go out with a bunch of girls this evening. When my "ex" heard this and he saw it as an opportunity to get laid, and decided to take me home, so that he could go out with his friend+girls. He straight up told me he needed space, that he wanted to meet, flirt, feel up, and **** other girls, hence tonight was his chance to do that, so i am not welcome to come out with them.
Now i can't stop crying. I feel like ****, and depressed. I don't want to hang out with anyone else but him, and i hate knowing that he may "**** some other girl tonight. Theres more...HE is Jewish and the reason he could never see us being together forever is because i am not jewish and he must marry a jewish girl.
His friends have told me on a number of occasions that he loves me very much, but i find that hard to believe when he treats this way. I know what i should do: get rid of him, move on, etc. but thats not easy!! He has been my best friend for the past two years. I don't know what to do, because i know he'll call me in a couple of days, and act as of this all never happened.
I can't stop crying. IT hurts so much to know that he doesn't love me the way i love him.

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