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I agree. I am only scared that he may not come back because either he thinks my parents hate him, which they don't, or he thinks I won't forgive him, which I will becuase for me Love hold no record of wrongs. It's scary though becuase I don't want to wait, I want him back now! I know its selfish if doesn't want to be here but it really hurt and depressed me the other day. WE had a cruise planned for february and it was all paid for and set and he said that I should ask one of my friends to go...which means he is not planning on getting back together anytime soon, if he is at all. Also he paid our cell phones and he asked whn I was getting a new phone...I don't knwo though, because then when I talked to his mom yesterday she said he still had my picture up in his bedroom. And I know for a fact when I went over to get my stuff, he took it down, so that means he put it back up, so he does still care about me very mnuch, and must be thinking about me to put my picture back up.


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