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Ok, just to let you know...I too share your girlfriend's attitude towards sex (not the cheating part). I would rather just go to sleep than to sleep with him, if you get my drift. In the past, he showed that sex was the only thing that mattered to him by gropping me in public, grinding on me everytime I bent over or begging for me to go down on him everytime we sat down to watch tv. Not to mention his constant eyeing of other girls. It pushed me away to the point where I learned to not be intimate with him, and now that the relationship is better, I still see no need for the intimacy. Don't get me wrong, I do occassionaly enjoy sex, but it just isn't all that important to me.

In no way, am I suggesting that you do any of the above. From what you described yourself as, you seem like a dream come true. I don't understand why she wouldn't want sex with you but would suggest involving other men or women into the picture. Is she seriously ok with you having sexual relations with other women? If so, then she obviously does not love you as much as she suggests. Jealousy is normal in any loving relationship! If there is no jealousy, then love is also lacking, in my opinion.

Perhaps you baby her too much. Sometimes women like to be dominant, or treated badly, to be attracted to someone. Is she by any chance on birth control pills? They can lead up to a lot of irritability in women.

23 is not that old. You seem like you are running out of time. Maybe for a five-year-plan, but you still have so many years ahead of you. If you aren't happy with the present situation or can't see it getting better in future years, then perhaps you should save yourself some time and end it now. If you and your girlfriend got together at a young age, perhaps she is bored or feels like she is missing out on something. I wouldn't count on "absence makes the heart grow fonder" in this situation. If you bluff by breaking up with her, you just may be giving her the opportunity that she may be looking for or is too scared to make.

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