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[QUOTE=Ruth6:11]I dated my last boyfriend for 2 1/2 yrs - we were talking about where to go for the honeymoon.
Then his ex-girlfriend (who dumped HIM 3 yrs earlier) called him I found out later - and he called her back & started seeing her on the sly.
I KNEW something was going on behind my back (trust your instincts) and confronted him. He said he felt he "loved her more".

Short story was that I cried for two weeks straight and then decided that I was just FINE without him - or anyone. I had a job that paid the bills, and I was just FINE on my own.

About six months later I broke down and got a cat - something to say hello to when I came home from work.
2 weeks after that, I met Mr. Ruth.
10 months after that we did the walk down the aisle.
16 yrs later I am married to my best friend, a really good man, even if he's not home enough!

Also, the way I met him was odd. We both knew the same guy for 5 yrs - who just isn't in the "fixing people up mode". A new restaurant was opening up near me and the mutual friend called to see if I wanted to go along with the two of them for supper.
I had had plans for that evening - but they got broken just hours before my friend called. And I usually turned down stuff like the dinner - such a homebody!

Sometimes the fates just kind of fall into place - if you're paying attention.

Ruth, I never get tired of reading how you met Mr. Ruth! Your sweet love story always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face :D ! I hope one day I will have a sweet story of my own to tell. Thanks so much for sharing it with us :angel: .

And Steakie, my heart goes out to you. I hope that some of the above stories will help, like you hoped, and I will be sending good thoughts and warm wishes your way!

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