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[QUOTE=steakie46]Yes, another one. i was wondering if anyone could share any stories of a break up that broke their hearts, but you ended up finding more happiness with someone else. i just broke up with my boyfriend and any stories of real people will be therapeutic. How long before you met the new guy? How hard was it to forget the old guy? and everything in between? Thanks

I am asking this because I read someone say that sometimes it makes you feel better when you hear stories of people who broke up and then found someone new that they adored/loved more than the old one.[/QUOTE]

I was with a guy for 3 years (16 to 19). We broke up many times when we were together, but the last time (he broke up with me) My aunt called me and asked me to come live with her(which was like 16 hours away from home) I figured heck why not?

So 4 days after we broke up I took off for a new life! When I got up here I made lots of friends, dated lots of boys (the women to men ration here is mmm 9 to 1 so there is PLENTY of men here lol) anyway I was here for about a year and I one of my friends from work set me up with another guy that we worked with. So I went, and 3 months later we moved intogether and a month after that, we were engaged!

I love him more than anything, when I think back to the guy I was with for 3 years I can't believe how much garbage I put up with from him and how badly he treated me. My fiancee has showed me how a woman is supposed to be treated and just how much you can really love someone.

Don't worry, theres many fish in the sea, and since breaking up with you BF, you've just taken out one of them thats not right for you! You'll find your prince and when you do, you'll actually thank your ex for breaking up with you and making you free to find your Mr Right!

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