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Re: Any advice ?
Jan 3, 2006
Wow, you really painted yourself into a corner, huh?

Well, you need a job. I think it is awesome that you are working toward a nursing degree, you should be able to secure a pretty good job with that someday. But for right now you need money of your own. Your husband is a total ding-dong. I am all for the ladies getting whatever they can get out of men (that is why I even bother having a boyfriend) but it doesn't work when the guy is a controlling *****. What is the matter with you? Your husband is all "Ooh I'm controlling the money here, woman, anything you need I must first approve!" And you don't just look at him and burst out laughing? That is exactly what I would do if my boyfriend tried something like that. I'd laugh til my face turned blue, then make him buy me ice cream.

But I have known men like your husband. They got some pretty fine issues going on, but you have some too if you PUT UP with this flaming crap. You need to stop depending on this manhole for anything. Complete and total independence will be your only answer. Your parents are huffing in their spare time or something to say you should stay with this guy. How old are your kids? Do you realize how much damage you are doing to them? They are witnessing their father totally dominating their mother, which will give them such a messed up view of what relationships are supposed to be. [I](Women[/I] are supposed to dominate ;) ). You need to step your game up here and start showing your claws. Do WHATEVER it takes to have your own life and get away from this guy. You really dug a hole for yourself sweetie, but now you need to push up your sleeves and get to work digging yourself out.

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