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Hi Ken,

I thought I would cut and paste some of your comments together so you understand which quotes made me form the opinion I formed about whether or not this girl is worth pursuing any further. You deserve a lot better, Ken, and I hope you find someone who reciprocates your interest and affection very usually happens just when you stop looking and when you least expect it. Anyway, here are the quotes of yours that I found most enlightening:

She calls me sometimes and she flirts with me and everything but I can tell that she doesn't like me like that because usually you know when a girl likes you and she just doesnt seem to show it.

She doesnt seem interested anymore but continues to flirt. Almost like she likes playing these games but I try not to let them get to me.

She just talks to me about her problems with ex boyfriends and situations she is going through. She has told me that they dont have their stuff together and they some dont have jobs while others keep getting locked up. Which leads me to believe she just considers me a friend and maybe she just needs someone to talk to about these issues.

When she tells me about her previous boyfriends it hurts me because one night she just said "wheres my prince charming?" which kind of hit me really hard because here I thought she was interested and this probably seals the deal in that she isnt interested.

She seems to lead me on I guess… She said something like that and at that point I knew i was to good to be true and she prob didnt like me.

The girl that I was talking to at work I have decided has become a waste of my time because I feel she has been leading me on. She told me that she liked me but when I ask her out she doesn't jump at the fact I asked her out or doesn't really seem interested.

As much as I hate to say it, I agree that maybe she is just using me for emotional support

I dont get that vibe that she likes me though and I dont know why. I always see it as her just seeing me as a good friend but I think because I like her so much that I get blinded by her calling me all the time and think that she is interested. Its hard because I want to get over her because I dont think she wants to be with me like that.

After I told her about how I felt she basically gave me the "lets just be friends" speech without actually saying lets just be friends and gave me an excuse.

Then when we started talking about tattoos and she said she has 3 but only 1 had meaning. I asked which one and she said " oh well you'll never see it because its on my hip"

It has always been a struggle to meet women and this was my first relationship and I thought it would be a good one but I was dumb enough to think she could change. Now I feel like I can never trust or find a good girl again. Thanks for all the previous advice you all have given me but obviously now I have to cut her off because I refuse to be someone's second man while she goes and screws this guy who just got out of jail and is getting nowhere in life.

She seemed mad about me asking her about getting back together and then she just acts cool and talks to me like nothing happened. We talked for about an hour and I mentioned that I just would really like some straight answer about this. Before we hung up I had told her that and she said that she would think about it.

I want to give her time but this girl has had some issues in the past and I want to trust her and everything but I feel she doesn’t want to tell me an answer because she wants to mess around with this guy before we get back together.

She told me though when I didn’t even ask her she said "and there is no one else if that’s what your thinking". I would really like to believe her and wish it were true but my gut is telling me she wants to get with this guy at least once more before we get together again.
I told her I wanted to try things out again and she told me she would think about it. She wrote me the other day and told me she doesn’t think it would work out.

The past 2 nights I would leave the phone next to my bed like I use to and wait to hear from her, but she never called.

I know I need to move on I guess but it just feels so lonely now.

but I wrote back telling her that I thought she was worth it to wait and try it again. I told her we could still talk and write to each other and it wasn’t like she was leaving for good. She basically said to me again in the message back to just give her a few minutes while she collects her thoughts and that she would write me back. I assumed it would be that same night because she said a few minutes but that wasn’t the case and never wrote back.

Im not sure what to think and I dont want to keep bringing this subject up. what should i do and what do you perceive shes thinking? please help

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