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Thanks guys, yeah we are all in our early 20's and so was the girl.
My friend Chris did not want to score with the girl at all, he was just hoping for a great chat and maybe a dance out of it. He just wants a gf someone who will like him for him, he is an interesting really fun guy when you get to know him.
Though he is desperate for sex, heck I have not had sex in ages and it's killing me, I would hate to know what he is going through, I've warned him against hookers but he just shrugs and says 'I dunno anymore, maybe it's meant to be'

I swear if I ever see that girl again I will go off at her, the poor guy was just getting his confidence up and she goes and shoots him down, utter ***** I am fuming.

I myself don't really care about what a woman looks like, well I do need to feel some sort of physical attraction. But I've been attracted to women who were 'large' and girls that other guys would find unattractive, I don't know why exactly but maybe it's because I've always found something physically unique about them.
I've never liked the 'Blonde model' stereotype that apparently all guys are meant to like, sure they are attractive but to me they don't have real beauty. If they took away the fake died hair, tan and makeup they would look very plain indeed.

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