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Oh the pains of teenage life. I remember those times and I wish that I could tell you that everything will get so much better. The truth is...from here on out, things will always be difficult. It's a part of growing up. You get out in the real world, you work, have a job, have bills and then relationships (some good, some bad). But don't worry, everyone goes through it, it's just life.

I, myself, am 25 years old and remember those years oh so well. You sound so much like me, except I am a girl :) . I was somewhat popular, had lots of friends but none were "that" close to me. I hung out with them at school but not after or on weekends. It was more like a social friendship. My one best friend, was my best friend from the time we were in 4th grade. But she stabbed me in the back so many times that I could be a millionaire if I got a quarter for each time. So we were always close, but there was always that distrust there. She was always so negative towards me, I'm assuming she was jealous, and after high school, I learned to stick up for myself and not take it anymore. I started telling her the things I really thought, as she always did and she called the friendship off. How is that for gratitude? But it just goes to show, friends aren't really friends when they only care about themselves.

Anyways, Brittany sounds very nice. And I definately think you should keep talking to her for as long as she will listen. We all need someone to be there for us and to confide in. At 18, I met Mark. We started dating and now we are married. I could tell him anything! It's nice to have someone of the opposite sex there for you. Somehow it just seems easier.

Don't worry about the distance between you guys. If it is meant to be, it will find a way, I promise you. Continue to write emails, send mail and pictures, save up money and visit each other. My cousin is American and met her Canadian boyfriend online. He moved to America to be with her and now they are married, so just because she is 3,000 miles away, doesn't mean she always will be. Take things slow and try to not be so dependant on talking to her nightly. I have sure had my problems with my laptop and sometimes getting online just isn't an option. I'm sure that it happens to lots of people, so you never know if sometime she may have it happen or you might. Point is...just know that when the problem or groundation is over, she will be right back online talking to you. Write things down in a journal before bed, that way you can tell her about them when she is no longer grounded. It may help you feel like you still have some sort of connection to her. I had a friend Terry who was a Marine and was about 200 miles away. I only got to talk to him weekly via phone, but I wrote down everything I wanted to tell him throughout the week. It helped alot. I felt like we were still connected and it made the fact that I would talk to him soon seem more real.

Good luck and keep writing on here when she can't be there for you. :) Just talking things out, can help.

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