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Re: I'm stressy!
Jan 15, 2006
It is harder for larger people to have an easier sex..both my Boyfriend and I want to have an exceptional sexual relationship and being as big as I am it will be impossible..I couldn't comfortably put my legs over his shoulders,be on top for him to maneuver me,light enough to hold me in his arms as we make love,bounce me certain ways that are pleasurable and in the way for an easier penetration..he(as well as I)want to include certain sexual play in our relationship I've never experienced before such as 69,Anal sex and Doggy being a big Girl those styles would be uncomfortable and harder to do..when both are happy and satisfied it calls for a happy and blissful relationship..and a happy sexual relationship keeps the remainder of the relationship balanced..being as big I am would call for not only a displeasing sexual relation but it may mar the rest of our relationship if the sexual was out of not saying sex is the most important aspect of the relationship because it's not but it IS very are right I am me but if I don't love me no one else will either..we have to love ourselves before others can love us and I'm not happy at this size..we Human's are just visual people that is the fact of the matter and we have a certain set of criteria we find interesting and are attracted to..even I have certain guidelines(for lack of better word)..we all do..I told him my asking him to have $100,000 in his pocket by time he arrived would be impossible and an unrealistic demand/expectation as losing such a significant amount of weight in a short period of time but that was before we were able to talk,discuss it further and before I truly understood his reasonings..

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