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My grandmother passed away a month ago. We received a letter in the mail saying my brother, sister, and I were to receive my Dad's share of my grandmother's estate (He passed away 1 1/2 years ago). I had heard at my grandmother's funeral that my Uncle and his family were going to stay in my GM's house. They had moved in after my father died to take care of my her. My dad had been living there previoulsy and paying care workers to take care of her.

Anyway, I thought that my Uncle would probably buy the house for a reduced amount because he took care of my GM for a short while. We still owed my oldest Uncle for paying for my Dad's funeral. We had only paid back 1100 so far. There was no money in my dad's accounts when he died becasue he had been paying out most of his income to take care of my GM. 30,000 to be exact. He had paid this because his brothers and sisters told him there was no money to take care of her.

So, when we got the letter about the will, I called my Uncle (who now lived in her house), and said that we didn't want the 13000 share of the house, just to settle the 5800 funeral expense we owed for my dad, and we'd call it even.

My offer to be "nice" was met with bitterness when my Unlce's wife told me that "the only way we would get any funeral expenses was if they were selling the house, and they weren't going to, they were staying in it". She went on to tell me the will was a msitake, and my other aunt was getting a lawyer to prove it! She said the will was only meant for my GM's living children! My dad was no longer included. The family gave my uncle the house for free, which would have been ok with me if they took care of what I asked. (valued at 80,000) They were not buying it or anything, just getting it completely free.

I was heated when my Uncle sent me a letter a day later saying that the will was a mistake and we would be getting a correction letter in the mail. So I sent him a reply, that if they were keeping my dad's share of GM's estate, the least they could do was to settle the 5800 between them, considering the 30,000 my dad had paid to help with her care.

Now I feel awful because I didn't want to fight with them, and I can't believe how they are acting! I just feel so horrible inside. I didn't want to argue with them and tarnish my father's memory.

I need some advice. What would you have done in my posistion? How should I feel about their behavior?

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