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Cinting ~ I must agree with the others....a relationship shouldn't leave you feeling as if you are constantly working in order to get your needs met. If a person is interested in a relationship they make the time and put the effort in for the other person because they see it as something valuable and worthwhile. When they don't it's either they are not interested in a meaningful relationship or they just don't know how to relate to somebody outsdie of themselves. OR....they are just not into YOU!! Meaning that they are just simpley may not the right person for you.

The thing is...anything or anyone who makes you feel badly on a consistent basis is not good for you PERIOD!!! A good relationship naturally makes you feel better and brings out the [U]best[/U] in you. It doesn't leave you looking for more to be happy...unless in some cases you are experiencing a sense of unhappiness & unfulfillment within that usually comes along with a low self esteem.

You need to take a giant step back and realize that there is little you can do to change another person...the only one you are capable of changing is yourself....however, with the right person you will make changes for the better without feeling that you are lessening yourself but rather building yourself into a more confident well balanced person. You should never feel that you must change yourself to be accepted by a person, otherwise you are just taking away from your uniqueness and compromising your self & principles.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because he isn't willing to invest the time and enegy into this relationship that it is something that you are lacking in. Sounds as if he is lacking something himself or just not the right guy for you. What do you think???

~ Goody

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