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aww sweetie

I know how you're feeling-it is so hard and also different for everybody as every single relationship and situation is different. I've no doubt that its his contact that is dragging you down :(
I bet you're feeling so alone-guess what? Me too! Everyone keeps telling me how well i'm doing but I still get sad every day and still have the terrible pain in my chest. I'm grieving a major loss in my life and there is still that massive void there.
Yesterday was my birthday. I had a great day-went to watch a football match with some friends and then had a party in the evening. It was so lovely that my friends came along just for me, it was rather overwhelming and emotional but a good feeling none the less. The bad part came when I received a text message from my ex wishing me a very happy birthday and saying he hopes I have a great party. It actually made my heart race-although it was kind of nice that he was thinking of me it just made me really upset as it brought him to the forefront of my mind and all I could think about was him. I don't even know why he texted me cos last time we had contact it was not pleasant! i.e him telling me about his special new girlfriend and me telling him what a b*****d he is!! Or maybe he got jealous because a lot of our mutual friends came to my party and he wasnt invited :P I just don't know and I really don't wanna analyse it anymore but him being in contact has just made me so sad today!

It's just such an empty feeling. I hate him but still love him. I don't want him back but I also want him to hold me in his arms. I miss him but I really don't want to-I want to get him out of my head! grrrrrrrrr! I have this big gap in my life whereas he has filled any gap I left with a new relationship. :mad:

Sorry i'm not much use today!

Love Ra

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