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You will start to think of her less once you get some closure and start doing things without waiting by the phone for her call (or...wanting to call her). Im sure you've read my threads, they're all over the place. Actually I know you posted in one or two of them. Im going through a breakup with someone who I thought was the love of my life, too, and I still ask myself if I will ever love again like I did with him, or find someone who made me melt the way he did just by looking at him. Its surreal almost, but I cant do anything about it.
Point is- I dont know if I will find someone who will be as deep of a love, but I cant be with him anymore due to his choice that he 'doesnt love me' or 'doesnt have time' or whatever the excuse. Why do I want to force him to be back with me? Why do you want your girl to come back after she was ready to give you up, and saw you hurt so much? I think I tried to get him back in the beginning, thinking that he was delusional and that he didnt realize what he was doing. Well, it wont work.
The best thing you can do (from personal experience) is: give her stuff back, resist the urge to call (this was the hardest for me, until I started getting answers to my questions that made me more upset and I realized it wasn't worth it), and tell her you are cutting her out. This girl is not being fair to you in that she is stringing you along by wanting to be 'friends' or whatever. Well, its not healthy to do that right now, for your sake. That is one thing I'm glad my ex did NOT do. Well, no- I take that back, he did in the beginning by leaving it open-ended which made it SO much worse for me because I had false hopes. Which is what she is instilling in you right now. Anyway, I knew i couldnt be 'friends' with my boyfriend because I could never look at him in any other light other than a deep love of mine. You seem to feel the same way. As hard as it is (trust me I know), cut her out, then hopefully (and slowly) you will start realizing how messed up she was for doing this to you and, IN TIME, it will get easier and you might not even want her back at all. You need to do this for YOURSELF so that you stop being the victim here. I wish I would have taken people's advice to do this sooner, I just wasn't ready. Im still working on getting over him, but 2 months , and 2 weeks later of cutting him out completely, its (very slowly) starting to come to me.

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